1 Million iPads Estimated To Be Sold Friday!

Ryan St Onge March 12, 2012 0

Currently Apples new iPad is sold out of pre-orders on their online store. The ordering is still open, but the expected delivery isn’t until March 19th. Starting March 16th the new iPad will be for sale in Apple Stores, and its that date they are expected to sell 1 million iPads. Apple has even said that the demand for the New iPad is ‘off the charts’! So maybe when analyst Gene Munster’s predicted that 1 million iPads be sold, he was close to right.

On the past iPad launch days the numbers were not quite has high. During the iPad 1 launch Apple had sold 300,000 iPads to customers. That’s a quite high number considering two years ago tablets weren’t as popular amongst the community. Then when the iPad 2 was announced Apple didn’t take pre-orders until the morning of its release. The supply chain had constrained amounts of iPads, thus the exact number sold was never released by Apple.

Now, times are changing. Like stated above, 2010 wasn’t the year for tablets. During 2012 the tablet user population is starting to rapidly expand. Apple has even taken notice and decided to keep producing new iPad 2′s and sell them for $399 for those who can’t afford the New iPad. But for those looking for a tablet that can be used for business, they might want to stay up to date, and the New iPad would likely be the best choice for them. The specs are absolutely stunning all around, from the 5 MP camera, A5x high end dual-core,retina display, and much more.

BusinessInsider has estimated that Apple averages $650 per iPad sale. With 1 million totals iPads sold Apple would earn a total of $650 million in revenue.

Since Apples release of the iPad they’ve sold a total of 55 million iPads. With the expanding tablet community we could very well see Apple sell their 100 millionth iPad, especially with the the help from the $399 iPad 2 option.

Have you pre-ordered yours? Or are you standing in line?

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