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With lot of hype and fanfare, iPhone 5 was released on Sep 21. By being slightly bigger in both size and display screen, it started captivating everyone’s mind. At the same time, most of the apps used with iPhone 4 are not able to utilize the wider screen and show black spaces on the sides. Updates on the apps have started pouring in for iPhone 5, still black spaces are visible.

Increasing the screen size on the new products is an old Apple trick, but changing the aspect ratio on their iOS apps has happened only once before. The increase in the display screen size does not increase the iPhone 5 experience. It only helps in displaying extra text lines and little more of the image or game’s background. Apart from the big display screen, the new A6 processor brings out a different experience, especially while playing games. Below are some of the best games that utilize both the above mentioned features of iPhone to create a unique experience.

Asphalt 7: Heat

This is the seventh game in the Asphalt series following in the footsteps of Asphalt 4: Elite Racing, released for iOS system. It is the most recent arcade style racing games for iOS published by Gameloft. You will be provided with 60 cars in the beginning including the likes of Lamborghini, Ferrari and Aston Martin. The game boasts of six different modes and 15 various leagues, which amounts to a total of 150 races. You will race on the tracks across countries such as London, Paris, and Miami etc. All the control features are similar to other racing games.


FIFA Soccer 13

Compared to all the previous versions of the games on mobiles and consoles, FIFA Soccer 13 is the game to beat on iOS. It consists of 500 different teams with 15000 players and 30 different leagues to play in. You can manage your favorite team, choose your favorite player, use the new skill moves and score as many goals as you like. The real advantage of the bigger screen can be felt here as you can view more of the playing field.


Infinity Blade II

This is one of the best fighting games to be released for iOS. The presentation of fortress, gardens and mountain rocks, intricate details of the hallway and visualization of the nature adds liveliness to the game. The story is well written making it a more solid game. The combat techniques have been tweaked and the enemies look fantastic with sophisticated fighting style. This game is a real visual treat with more complex environment for combat.


N.O.V.A 3

It is a dedicated work from Gameloft to bring most of the console games to iOS. N.O.V.A 3 looks and feels similar to Halo series and encompasses all the quality to become the best first person shooting game on iOS. This game is best suited for iPhone 5 more than any other Apple smartphones.


Real Racing 2

This is typical car game, where you would like to jump into the driver’s seat as soon as possible and win races. This is intricately detailed game and includes cars such as Shelby GT 500 McLaren MP 4-12C. Similar to NFS you will have to select small cars in the beginning and as you progress super cars would be provided to you. Multiplayer option provides you up to 16 players racing at a time.


Wild Blood

This is a typical war game that consists of kings and queens, sword fights and hoards of enemies. You play the character Sir Lancelot who goes in search of the Queen Guinevere, held captive by the king Arthur. With the help of his sorceress sister Morgana Le Fey, King Arthur opens the hellgate to bring demonic monsters to earth. The story is entirely different compared to original story of King Arthur, but with 3D graphics and realistic sounds this is a great fun game to play.


Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

This 3D game is one of the best airplane games available for iPhones. The game utilizes the wider screen of iPhone 5 better than others. This simulator game consists of dogfights that are wonderful to play on a landscape mode.


The Walking Dead

This game is a five part episode through the world filled with Zombies. This game is an adaptation of the famous TV series of the same name. The gameplay consists of solving puzzles to find objects, but engaging story and well paced narration gives the real enjoyment.


Modern Combat 3

This is another first person shooter game that was released in Oct 2011. You can enjoy a real war experience with 13 missions from Los Angeles, Afghanistan to Pakistan. It consists of multiple types of gameplay and scenarios. With multiplayer option you can play up to 12 players in 7 different modes.



This is a game entirely different from the ones mentioned above. It is a non violent adventurous game that utilizes the new A6 processor to the fullest. The graduate student Lili is bespectacled and roams through the mysterious islands to impress her professor. You can wander anywhere in the island to find treasures, but the main objective is to pluck the flowers on the back of the spirits roaming there.


These were few of the best games available for iPhone 5, but there are other games and apps that suite the phone’s wider screen. Gameloft recently released Modern Combat 4 for iPhone 5 and you can expect more games in the future.

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  1. Ren Cai November 29, 2012 at 10:04 pm - Reply

    I’ve downloaded the Walking Dead and FIFA Soccer 13 on my iPhone and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed! Thanks for the great review. Will download the others soon :D

  2. Randell December 2, 2012 at 12:45 pm - Reply

    I am pretty excited about the Walking Dead as well. The game has nice graphics so you will not get bored with it. I really love my iPhone because of the cool applications and games.

    • Ryan St Onge December 2, 2012 at 8:59 pm - Reply

      Walking Dead is great, I’m sure you will enjoy it Randell. I’m hooked myself.

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