5 Of The Greatest Racing Games To Ever Hit The iPhone

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Most people who end up loving video games always have a few car racing games in their collection. You can spend hours playing them on your own and having great fun trying to win each race. There’s been a huge amount of game console driving peripherals released over the years. Each one had the promise of making your driving experience more real than ever before. Most of them died out and even the best ones never set the world on fire. Maybe things are about to change because of the new racing apps for your mobile phone.

You don’t need any extras that get in the way. Playing a racing game on your phone is completely different. You can actually use the handset movements to drive. We already know this is popular because car racing games are some of the most popular in the app store. The amount of amazing games these days is astounding and they keep getting better. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones around today, because you might want to try some of them out and see if they meet your high expectations.

Asphalt 7: Heat

This is a great game to get your adrenaline pumping and it will be by the time you reach the end of the well designed tracks. It’s still pretty new at the moment, but if you’ve played any of the earlier games in the series you’ll know it means business. It’s the same as before where you have to unlock better cars, so you’ll be able to play this game for ages. It’s less than the price of a coffee and perfect for passing the time.

Death Rally

Sometimes you don’t want to just race to the end of the course. It’s much more enjoyable trying to destroy everything in your path and that’s exactly what you’ve got here, just in case the name never gave it away. It’s got great graphics which make those weapons look almost real as they destroy your enemies. You can play it online with a total of 6 players and that makes it ever more fun.

Mini Motor Racing

If you remember Micro Machines you should have a good idea of what this is like. The original mini-racer game was always amazing. Mini Motor Racer is also a great game to play and you can have just as much fun buzzing around some amazing environments. If you’re looking to play around and don’t want anything too serious then switch this game on and you won’t regret it.

Streetbike: Full Blast

If you want a little change from car racing then you might enjoy flying down the tracks on a motorbike, which can sometimes be a lot more fun. It’s pretty hard until you get used to it. Navigating your way around the tracks can be troublesome and is a lot harder on a bike. If you like games with lots of treats in store there’s plenty of things for you to unlock as you progress through the game.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

This is one of the best racing games ever invented and has to be in your collection if it isn’t already. The Retina display takes the game to levels you haven’t seen before. To think that an app can pack more punch that all of the old games consoles combined is crazy, but it’s true. Take to the wheel of fast sports cars as you attempt to outrun the police, or you can do it the other way and stop the bad guys in their tracks. The weapons you have available is the cherry on top of the cake.

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