Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case For Third Generation iPad [Review]

Ryan St Onge April 18, 2012 0

Amzer Silicone Jelly Skin

Amzer Silicone Jelly Skin [via iLounge]

The Silicone Skin Jelly Caseby Amzer is simply a case for the New iPad (Third generation). Many owners go for expensive folio stand cases, while smaller cheaper cases have lost their market display. So for once, we are going to review this simple, yet effective Amzer case.


This Skin Jelly Case offers great protection; your iPad will slide on into the case without problems, you may need to budge it a little to straighten it out though. The case is made using ‘durable formulated silicone’ according to Amzer, and keeps great grip onto your iPad. The Silicone is actually quite strong and can withstand minor cuts. I could only see this case being ripped apart if you attempted to, or cut it with a sharp object purposely. Scratches will also fade away quite easily.

We might also add that the design of the case was thought out smartly. The silicone was cut so precise that the case is skin tight to your iPad. The only areas unprotected by silicone is the speaker,camera,home button,power button,headphones,etc. The Apple on the back of the iPad even was left carved out.

The Silicone Skin Jelly Case is such a simplely designed case, but that is all that’s really needed. If you’re not interested in a folio case or stand, than this case is perfect. The design is sleek and perfect for just about anyone.

  • Fashionable & flexible Amzer Jelly Cover for your new The New iPad!
  • The Amzer Jelly Covers are made from durable premium silicone.
  • Protect your The New iPad from accidental bumps.
  • Provides a firm grip and prevents your The New iPad from sliding across your cars dashboard or angled surfaces.
  • It’s special anti-dust and scratch-free properties, preserves your Tablet shining look.
  • Quality material used for this skin provides shield and avoid scratches.
  • Helps to prevent your device from sliding on soft surfaces or angle surfaces.
  • The revolutionary technology keeps dust away from the cover.
  • Precise cutouts give easy access to all the functionalities.
  • This elegant skin-tight jelly cover is perfectly manufactured to fit.
  • Installation and removal are very easy.
  • Protect your new The New iPad at all times.
  • Available in different colors to match your personality and thought.
  • Works with ZAGG™ invisibleSHIELD™ Full Body Maximum Coverage.

If you’re interested than you can purchase your Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly case from $20!  And it comes in Grey,Black,Transparent white,Purple,Blue,Red,Green,Orange,Hot Pink, and Baby pink. You can purchase on Amazon or Amzers website.

Skin Jelly Case Bottom [via iLounge

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