Simple Sound: The Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2013

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In order to get the best performance from your Bluetooth you will want to have the best speakers that you can get. You will need speakers that allow you to hear clearly and provide a quality sound so that you have the best audio possible. There are several Bluetooth speakers that you can choose from in 2013 that provide great audio quality.

Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This unit puts out great volume and offers quality audio. It’s small in size so that it’s convenient to carry with you. Whether you have it right up close to you or further away across the room, you will experience exceptional sound performance. As this Bluetooth speaker is priced under seventy dollars you’ll find that it provides you with your money’s worth for the sound that it produces.

Jawbone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This is another Bluetooth speaker that produces quality sound and so much more. This speaker will allow you to download music and movies to your phone. It’s great for taking with you when you are traveling with the kids as it will allow them to watch movies while riding in the car or they can enjoy listening to their choice of music while you enjoy your own type of music. If you work out, it’s great for that too; it will allow you to stay away from the use of ear buds that can become sweaty and irritating during your workout. The sound that it emits is crisp and clear, making it a quality choice speaker.

Jabra DRIVE Bluetooth Speaker

The Jabra provides sound that is crystal clear and that also reduces echoes and other unwanted noises. You can connect two Bluetooth devices to this speaker at one time, which makes it very convenient. It also offers automatic volume adjustment and voice guidance to tell you when your battery is low as well as your connection status. This speaker is simple for anyone to quickly set up and use, even those with little tech experience.

Monster iClarity HD Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker will fit into the palm of your hand but it will offer you a large audio sound. It offers a bass that is deep and clean thanks to the Monster Passive Subwoofer. It works great with the iPad, iPod, iPhone and the Macbook. The built-in microphone allows for hands-free phone conversations and even conferencing. A single charge of the battery will last up to five hours. From this little speaker you’ll experience room-filling stereo sound.

Bose Sound Length Bluetooth Mobile Speaker

This is a quality speaker for great sound anywhere; it easily connects to your Bluetooth and you can take it anywhere. It also provides the great sound quality that Bose is known for. The rechargeable battery will last up to eight hours providing you a day’s worth of quality sound while you’re at work, in the car or mingling with friends. The Bose will connect too many electronic devices and is able to go wherever you are going.

Choosing the best Bluetooth speaker for your needs will give you the quality sound that you crave.

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