Download iBooks 3.0 Today [Download Link]

Ryan St Onge October 23, 2012 0

Want to download iBooks 3.0? Apple just announced the application today and will shortly release the download to the public. The update has brought many nifty functions to the application that e-book readers will thoroughly enjoy.

iBooks 3.0 Explained:

iCloud Integration: When you flip a book’s page on iBooks, iCloud will keep tabs of that — therefore if you switch from an iPad to an iPhone, your page will be saved. Also iCloud will now sync a downloaded book to all your different connected iOS devices.

Social Integration: You can now share quotes right out of the book to Facebook or Twitter. Just drag the cursor over the sentence or paragraph and a sharing menu will appear.

New Languages: iBooks now supports more than 40 languages — including Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

Continuous Scrolling: Don’t want to flip the page? Well if you turn the option on, you can now just scroll down to keep on viewing a book’s content rather than flipping the page.

Book Updates: If publishers decide to update their book’s content, they can do so and push out an update to books. This concept is meant mainly for textbooks, but will work with regular books too.

Click Here To Download iBooks 3.0

Apple hasn’t uploaded the content for iBooks 3.0 just yet, but you can click the link above to check.

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