How To Get a Fix on your Child’s Location with Cell Phone GPS Tracking

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There was a time when cell phones were the privy of the grown-ups. But today, children as young as 8 years old have cell phones and furthermore, they have access to smartphones as well. A cell phone can be a status symbol, a useful device and a fun thing to own as far as a child is concerned. When parents gift cell phones to their children they are also enabling instant communications with not just themselves, but the child’s friends too. While there is a lot of debate on whether it is really necessary to give a child a cell phone, there is no doubt that it can help achieve at least one important thing.

This ‘important thing’ is giving the parent the ability to find the child’s whereabouts with the help of GPS tracking that is installed on the device. Most smartphones today come with embedded hardware that is helpful for GPS tracking and therefore, all a parent has to do is to install the software that is necessary to make this functional. With a GPS personal locator software a concerned parent will have the ability to find a child rather easily. There are plenty of software options for such GPS tracking. Some of them are device specific. For instance, the GPS services for an Android phone will be different from those for an iPhone. There are many websites that offers good tips on cell phone tracking.

Kajeet GPS locator is specifically meant for parents. This not only helps with tracking the child but also can be configured so that the parent gets frequent or periodic alerts on the child’s location. This GPS location software is more expensive at almost $10 a month more than Sprint Family Locator. With the Sprint service,  parent can get real time location of up to four phones and can also be configured to alert the parent when kids are meant to reach a certain place at a certain time.

There are cell phone tracking services that do not require apps or downloads such as family locators like Service providers like ATT and Verizon also have their own applications and services that can come along with your subscription that will help a parent locate a child. There is also an Amber Alert GPS tracking that can be installed on the phone. This comes in two applications – Parent app and Teen app and gives the parents a whole lot of peace of mind.

Smartphones like Blackberry, iPhone and Android are all capable of providing you with the GPS location of your child. You will have to install apps like Google Latitude or Mobile Spy or even iLocalis to get a fix on your kid’s phone and your kid. It would be useful to pay attention to all the details of the tracking software. Some of them may be location specific and yet others may be compatible only with certain service providers. But once the software has been downloaded and installed, then you can even use an online account to keep track of your child.

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