Free Cellphone Offers – Are They Genuine?

Guest Author December 14, 2012 0

You’ve all seen free phone offers across the internet and in the shops, but are they for real? Is it really possible to get a stylish new cell phone, for free? We’re going to find out. Having a designer smart phone has almost become a fashion accessory for some – new technology is as popular as ever, and is often seen as an extension of your wardrobe. However, smart phones don’t always come cheap, and in some instances you might find yourself paying out more than you bargained for.

Why most free phone offers aren’t actually free

The most common way to get your new phone for free is by taking advantage of monthly price plans. Phone companies want to get you signed up to their lengthy contracts because that’s how they make the most of their money – and for that reason they’re happy to offer you one of the latest phones for “free”.

When you actually try and buy a new smart phone without a sim card or service plan included, the price is normally exorbitantly high. That’s because the phone cost is subsidised dramatically by the monthly charges.

Most phone companies try and get you signed up for as long as possible. Free calls and messages are bundled into the package, but the reality is that these cost the phone companies very little. Contract lengths are getting longer and longer, and now last up to 24 months. When you do the maths, you’ll see how you’re really paying for that “free” phone. A $35 a month contract for 24 months means that in the end you’ll have paid $840. And that’s without any additional charges or insurance (which they also make money on). Even for an expensive handset, that more than covers it. As you can see, it’s not really free – the cost is just spread out over a longer period. You’d be surprised how many people don’t think it through this far – the low up front cost is enough to attract many people even if the overall costs are high.

So how can you really get a free phone?

Thankfully, there are some ways you can get a free or very cheap phone. If you’re not bothered about style or fashion but just want a functional phone that does what you want it to, the options are better. Because they’re so popular right now, smart phones are fetching a premium, but if you’re willing to use an older model you can find one for next to nothing second hand. There’s also another way you can get a free phone that’s brand new – from the government.

The Assurance Wireless assistance program helps those in low income situations receive a free phone – with calls included. To be eligible, you need to be receiving some form of federal aid, such as Medicaid. Find out if you qualify today.

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