iPad Applications Are Better Than Android Apps

Ryan St Onge March 27, 2012 0

Its not unusual we see the iPad compared to Android tablets. Afterall, both devices literally work the same other than the wide-range in specification differences. But today we have another argument going on, and it involves the applications between the two devices. PCWorld has brought up the topic, and has even included a full out comparison.

Most people without prior experience from both tablets wouldn’t understand the differences between the two tablets applications. The main difference between an Android tablet and an iPad is the software,graphics, and speed. All these factors cause a major difference in how the applications run, and are used. But if the two devices were put up against each other, who do you think would win? Well the iPad won, mainly thanks to the quality of the applications.

After running down Sascha Segan’s post, we literally found that the iPad App-store defeats Androids Google Play market by a long-shot. The Google Play market has few applications to choose from, but the applications they do have, are the popular selections. The iOS App-store on the other-hand has a wide selection of applications, over 500,000 to be exact. The difference between the two markets, the iOS app-st0re has more of a selection, and has a more user friendly interface.

Now, onto the individual applications. We’ve all seen iOS applications, and they look simply stunning, especially on the retina display devices. But on Android, the story isn’t very pretty at all according to Sascha. There are few applications designed for tablets on Google play, and the few that are, cannot run on all available Android tablets. He is claiming that most of the applications are designed for 4-inch phones rather than Android tablets, which makes the applications seem stretched out, and ugly.

Each tablet does also include some flaws, and the main flaw is the lack of official applications. The iPad is missing a few applications such as Wikipedia and Linkedin. Android tablets on the other hand do have these applications, but they once again look to ‘ugly’, and the user experience isn’t very pleasant. Just alike the iPad, the android does also lack applications, for example they are missing many of the top TV brand applications, such as ABC.

Overall, the iOS app-store is by far more advanced compared to Google Play. This article may downplay Android applications, but this was an overview of PCWorlds posting. We realize that Android applications aren’t as horrible as we explained, but many of the apps do in-fact look ‘ugly’ as explained.

What are your thoughts on Android applications?

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