iPad Pre-Orders Sold Out

Ryan St Onge March 9, 2012 0

It has been just two days since the new iPads announcement and the pre-orders are all out of stock. We are not sure how many iPads were put-aside for pre-orders but it was estimated in the hundreds of thousands. Yesterday morning we reported that a few 4G models of the iPad were no longer available for pre-orders, but now the delays have expanded to all models. If you attempt to purchase the iPad the earliest you can receive it is March 19th.

So now the lone choice left is to wait in line at your local Apple retail store if you absolutely want the new iPad the day it is released. You may even want to get to the store early in the morning before opening because stock may be lower than usual due to the massive amounts of pre-orders. If your not interested in waiting in line, your best choice would be to order online. The longer you wait, the shipping date will continue to tack on days.

Last years iPad 2 release was horrid with the lack of pre-order option. People were forced to wait in-line and weren’t even guaranteed an iPad! After the initial release date Apple had orders on back-order as long as months. Pre-ordering right now would atleast guarantee you a new iPad.

If you haven’t bought one, do you plan to wait or pre-order now?

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