How To Keep Mobile Phone Bills Down

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Tired of getting shocked every time you see your mobile bill? There are some simple changes that can be made to ensure that your mobile bill amount is reduced. Implementing these ideas will help you cut down your mobile phone bills and save money without any compromise on your usage requirements.

Get the Whole Picture

The first thing that you should do is to analyse your usage based on your past bills. Most people commit the mistake of choosing the wrong plan and end up paying a lot more than what they actually should be paying. After analysing the usage, if you have a lot of unused limits left on either calls, text or data then you should contact your network provider and get your plan changed as soon as possible. Also if on many occasions you exceed your allotted limits change your plan, it will work out much more cost effective. The service charge for the extra usage is significantly higher than the plan rates. In case you are exceeding the allotted usage, opt for a plan with increased limits.

Ask questionsiphone bill

Before selecting a plan, make sure you enquire about the price plan thoroughly so that you don’t get shocked to see any hidden charges in your bill. Speak with the representative of the network provider and ask him to explain the breakdown of charges. There may be instances where you are paying for services that you don’t require such as paying insurance charges for a phone which is already covered under your house insurance. Contact your network provider and cancel these services and save yourself a lot of money over the course of your contract.

Use Apps

In this era of technology and smartphones, there are much cheaper ways of calling, texting and data services. You can adopt these techniques to reduce your usage and your bill. Smartphones have apps such as Viber, Skype or WhatsApp which allow you to call or text any person for free. These apps are much more sophisticated than the normal call and text feature and can be used as a substitute.

Use Wi-Fi rather than 3G

Many shopping malls and public places these days have a free Wi-Fi zone. Whenever you are in such a place, make sure you utilise these services in order to reduce your data usage. Once your overall usage is reduced, you could switch to a cheaper plan with lower limits.

Almost everybody has internet access on their mobile phone. The internet offers many benefits and you can access almost anything you want from your mobile. There is no need to pay for the premium services such as 0871 numbers when you can avail the same services using mobile internet.

Look at Group Plans

Opt for a group plan or a corporate plan if possible. If you own a small business or there are many members in your family who own a phone, then opting for a family plan or corporate plan will help reduce your cumulative bill by a huge amount. These group plans tend to be much cheaper per head than the individual plans. And don’t forget to bargain with the representative of your network provider. With the increase in competition, network providers will try their best to retain customers and will offer you attractive offers, but you have to ask.

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With the rising cost of living and increased expenditures, you can implement some of these ideas to make sure that you save some money so your household budget can stretch just that little bit further.

Phil Turner has been asked to compare mobile phones for various friends and relations. He has learned a lot.

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