Tablets are the Hot Item for this Cold Holiday

Guest Author November 19, 2012 0

There are a lot of tablets on the market today. People that are in search of a great Christmas gift should consider tablet PCs. There are several that are really making a mark on the industry.

The Kindle Fire HD

For years people have been falling in love with the Kindle products. Amazon has tweaked this device quite a bit over the years, but the Kindle Fire may be one of the best tablets around. Anyone that has an Internet connection can hit Amazon and start downloading some books. That is what people originally knew the Kindle for and is still possible today. An internet connection can be acquired at The Kindle Fire, however, stands out as much more than an eBook reader. This is a full fledged tablet. People can watch videos and play music. They can use the Internet to access the cloud for unlimited storage. One of the best things about this tablet may be the HD feature. No one thought of doing this before now. Amazon is the first to boast of all around high definition quality on a tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

All of the progress that Samsung is making is not going unnoticed. Many people will be taking an interest in the Samsung Galaxy Tab for upcoming year. It is a great Christmas gift for people that like Android products.

The Galaxy Tab allows people to watch movies and download lots of great gaming apps from the Internet. Unlike the iPad, the Galaxy Tab has expandable storage and it can play digital movies copied from Blu-Ray discs with the same 1080p type quality output.

This device also supports Adobe Reader technology. This makes the device great for all the PDF files that you may have on your SD Micro card.

iPad & the iPad Mini

It should be so surprise that iPad is the top seller in the tablet industry today. The thing that caught a lot of people by surprise for the holiday season is the iPad mini. This is a small version of the regular iPad, but it does a lot of the same things. This device is just smaller. It fits in the successful mold of the 7 inch devices that have been released by Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for the Nook.

The iPad continues to be a bestseller because of all the cool features like Face Time for seeing and communicating with friends at the same time. Other things like the iCloud allow people to save music and video that can be accessed without synching to computers.

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