The Casellet Review: Wallet Case For iPhone 4/4s

Ryan St Onge April 12, 2012 0

The CASELLET is a brand new iPhone case that was created to hold your iPhone along with money,credit cards, receipts, etc. We’ve seen many wallet cases during the past, many of them being leather, but this one is comparable to a typical iPhone case. The case is created using a strong plastic protecting the phone from falls.

The case comes in black,white, or pink with a brushed aluminium back end. The case can hold nearly 4 credit cards or three credit cards and a few dollar bills. Also, as like any other case the camera dash isn’t covered and access to the volume/mute switch is available. The CASELLET was apart of a successful  Kickstarter project in which was backed by 164 users and gained $22,632 before the December 14th deadline.

Many wallet cases are created using a leather coating rather than plastic. The durable plastic coating will help protect the iPhone from unexpected realistic drops. Not to mention, the case is double the size of any other typical iPhone case on the market. People though would imagine the extra size of the phone is due to a battery pack or extra protection.

Inside the CASELTT the backend of the iPhone is padded with a felt lining to ensure your device will not be scratched while inside the case. The iPhone is also tightly snuggled into the case allowing a drop of your device to have minimal affects.

If you have plans of making short trips out to the store than why bring the extra weight of your wallet? The CASELETT will store enough money, or credit cards to pay for your trip. Not to mention our iPhone is a device most people would carry along everywhere they travel. I rarely forget my iPhone but have forgotten my wallet countless times,

Worried about your credit cards or money falling out? A clip firmly holds them inside the casing, actually making the credit cards/money hard to slide out. After time the clip seems it may weaken  though.

The size of the case is larger, comparable to the size of a Otterbox defender series case. If compared, the iPhone is around 2 times the size of a normal iPhone while inside the case. This could be considered a negative, but the protection the case provides is well worth the price. At first the iPhone will feel bulky in your pocket, but that’s something to get used to.

The brushed aluminium on the back of the case is easily scratch-able. After a week of use the scratches have overtaken the cases nice clean look when I first received the case. I’ve set my phone on a table only a few times, and yes the scratches started to pour on in.

The convenience of the CASELLET is great, I love not bringing my wallet  everywhere. But in your pocket your iPhone looks huge, as if you were carrying a small box. The case looks great, especially when you first receive the unit. But I have to say I have seen better cases, and would prefer the leather wallet case over the CASELLET.

Overall, if you don’t mind the bulkiness of iPhone case than you should be fine. But I am the type that prefers a smaller case. If you are interested in purchasing than you can purchase it on Amazon for $26.00. If your looking for some alternatives to the Caselett, take a look!





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